The AA Recycle team started processing WEEE materials on an ad hoc bases in 2000. These activities were formalised in 2013 in the formation of AA Recycle. AA Recycle’s team has a wealth of experience having worked with such organisations as Honda Cars, British Aerospace, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Canon, Intel to name but a few. AA Recycle has established key partnerships with many partners across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in both the physical recycling of materials and in the Regulatory Compliance (EU member countries only).


Our main focus is on Information Technology (IT) recycling, Electronic Component, Consumables Recycling, Cell Recycling, Data Sanitation, Precious Metals Recovery, Donations, Re-Deployments Handling and European Regulatory Compliance.
AA Recycles’ expansion goal is to operate in south-east Europe, Middle East and North Africa without necessarily excluding other opportunities. The development of strategic partnerships that allow us to receive material for processing locally or have it transported to our Cyprus refurbishment/recycling facility.